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Homeschool With Index Cards
Not Just for Flashcards Anymore!
This is my first attempt at being able to combine
Lapbooks with Notebooking.  I attached our tri-fold
Lapbook to a 3-prong folder.  I used a combination of
double sided tape and packing tape.  I found the packing
tape to be the best, as obviously it is a lot stronger.  I was
able to run a strip of the clear packing tape along the 2
side edges and wrapped it on the inside of the 3-prong
folder and around the spine of the 3-p folder.  I really like
the way it worked out, as it keeps all items from the unit
together.  As I didn't think of this until we had already
completed the Lapbook, it was assembled with the
Lapbook finished and the 3-prong folder empty.

Let me know if you have any thoughts or ideas on how to
improve this idea!  :O)